Yoga course with Carolyne Annett

19/10/2023 um 12:30 – 13:30
Yoga course with Carolyne Annett
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I am offering a Gentle yoga class involving both yin yoga and yoga nidra to gently stretch the body and relax mind.
You will be guided to leave all the stress behind you through mindful breathing and gentle yin based asana. Yin yoga consists mainly of passive floor based poses that help to work deeply into the connective tissues and fascia of the body and offer gentle release and relaxation.
Yoga nidra or yogic sleep will allow the mind and body to rest and rejuvenate deeply and offer many benefits.
About me & my teaching style:
I have been practising yoga for over ten years ago now and am still so grateful to my first yoga teacher Stephanie. She delivered me an experience not a workout.
She expertly delivered a thoughtful mix of yoga asana and philosophy together in such a way to be really accessible.
Her teaching and passion is what motivated me to undertake my 200 hours yoga teacher training completed in 2018 in Edinburgh and subsequently training in Yin yoga and yoga Nidra in 2023 here in Luxembourg.
I feel there is a style of yoga to suit everyone and so many benefits to be gained for body and mind and encourage natural healing with the body.
I have always been drawn to gentle yoga with it’s restorative nature.
Trying to incorporate this practice into day to day life to be mindful and slow down.
Therefore, this is what I wish share, to be able to help others and so that they too can can experience some of these amazing benefits of yoga for themselves.
When I’m not on my yoga mat, you can find me enjoying nature by the Alzette or Moselle either on foot or on my bike either with my young family or savouring a quiet moment myself.
Travelling, music, reading, and of course good food and company all make my life complete and a good day even better.’
Many thanks in advance for advertising the class. Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Application to be made at Scarabaeus 26262201 or
Thursday 5th October – Thursday 7th December course
(With the exception of Thursday 2nd Nov & Thursday 9 Nov)
Inscription for 8 classes in total 128 euro
@ 16 euro per class.
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